Percents, Decimals, and Fractions By WilL

This guy, Bob, wants to buy this pair of glasses. They cost $25.00 but they are on sale for 30% off. How much money will he save on the glasses?

USE PAPER!!!!!!!!!
Got it? Let's do another one.

Luigi wants to buy 23 fresh tomatoes for his marinara sauce. One tomato costs $1.50, five tomatoes for $5.00, and ten tomatoes for $15.00. The 10 tomatoes and the 1 tomato are both on sale for 15% off. How much money will it cost for Luigi to buy 23 fresh tomatoes?

Ella saved $25.50 on a purse. It cost $75.00 oringally. What percent was it on sale for?

Thank you for trying and using this.

You can go online and find more math problems like this or different from this.

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