The is a love song with a very chilled back type of feel.We've fused both English and Zulu together throughout the entire song but it mostly caters for a zulu/swati speaking person.We fill this song can be really big throughout the entire zulu/swati communities in the country from the township to the villages.Its currently sitting on 23k views on youtube and its just an audio,so there's a high demand for the visuals.

Visual Direction

This video will be a love story about a reunited couple from a rural area (village) who grew up together but the guy had to leave to the city for studies.The video begins where he returns back to the village to win his long lost love back but she is still upset that he left.With the help of his two childhood friends he ends up winning her back.These 3 characters will be played by us.

Scene 1 : Arrival

The video begins where the male lead arrives at the village with a bus,he gets off with his luggage and his friends are meeting him where he gets off.They hug and greet with excitement in their faces,while at it the one friends points at the female lead walking by and they make eye contact but you can see the anger on her face and she walks pass.He goes after her and tries to talk to her she blows him off and continues walking away and leaves him standing there and watching her walk away.

Cut Away Shots : Camera Performance
Scene 2

In this scene the male lead is with his two friends at a near by river watching over their cows and having conversations with each other.Then he sees her again with two other girls collecting water from the river and goes to to try and talk to her but she's not buying anything he says,so she spills the whole bucket of water on him and walks away.He's friends laugh at him and one of them insists that he can help him win her back.

Scene 3 :

In this scene the male lead is sitting with one of his friends at their hang out spot under a tree sitting on traditional benches drink Amahewu.Then the other friend arrives with a plastic bag and hands over to the lead,He puts his hand in this package and comes out with Umbhlaselo,Iymbadada and a leopard print vest which is a very popular attire in the Zulu tradition.We cut away to a performance shot as he goes to change into these clothes.

Scene 4
He then heads off to the river hoping that he sees her.There's nobody when he gets there so he waits and finally she comes to collect water with a friend.He goes over to her dressed differently then he does.This time she gives him a bit of attention as shes charmed by the words coming out of his mouth.
They get interrupted by her friend saying that they have to go so she leaves looking back at him smiling.
Cut Away : Camera Performance
Scene 5

In this scene the male lead character is hanging on the side of the road around where the female lead lives,hoping he could see her.She finally walks out the house carrying Ukhamba (Zulu traditional clay pot) and serves it to her father who is sitting outside.He gives her signals and she could pick them up as she walked into the house so he waited until she came out.The were walking on the road with excitement in both their faces,holding hands,talking,laughing etc.

Scene 6 : They get to the village store and he gets her a banana (lol,you'll understand why if you've listened to the song).Then we cut away to a camera performance scene.
Scene 7 : Closing Scene

The couples is sitting together somewhere by the river maybe the sun is about to set,whatever looks romantic I don't know.Anyways their holding hands,kissing and you can see the happiness in their faces.We end the video with the on camera shot of the three of us.

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