The Train Ride Retold by Skylar F

I get off the train and see millions of people there , I look around well I'm waiting for the speech to start. Once the speech started a gun was pointed at the person specking , so everyone ran to the train but it was broken scene it was broken everyone hides.The police come and no one has a gun.I look back and someone is sneaking up behind me. I run hoping the person won't catch me,then I thought where I will go then I look back and there is my mom behind me she yells go to grandpa's house I'll meet you there, I run even harder then I see my grandpa's house I sprint then look behind me there is that person again then I look beside me and I see my mom. We knock on the door fast but no one is there so we go to the back door which was lucky unlocked so we lock the back door and call the police (911) over to my grandpa's house. We told them what happened and they caught the guy! We got a ride home and my mom had a surprise for me , it was the bike I always wanted! It was blue with two black and green stripes. I loved it so much and then the next day... it was GONE. I wondered who stole my bike it thought the person could have stole my bike, but I lucky labeled it with my name. So went to go look for it. I saw it right in front of the grocery store and I found out that that guy that had the gun at the park stole it. I guess the police didn't put him in prison. We went home and called the police told them about him stealing the bike so they caught him an fined him.



Created with images by CodeCondo - "rail railway train tracks"

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