TED talks

The Ted talks I focused on were about music, science, or psychology for the most part because they peaked my interest. I believe this is a key factor in a presentation that could determine whether it would speak to the audience or not. In order to have a presentation that is captivating and inspiring you must use creative ways of relaying information effectively. If you can get the listener to interact, or relate emotionally or intellectually, it seems they will be open minded to the ideas and information. The most effective practices of this in the presentations I watched took ideas that have never been thought of before, and brought them to life with logic. On the other hand, the talks that were full of data and couldn't, or didn't jump to the what could be for the hero, never seemed to gain traction and left me guessing at times. Effective presenting comes from creative was of being able to captivate your audience to present a new approach to an idea to make them think in a different direction. Creative ways to do this could come from many interests or topics, but the idea is to create an adventure that could put the audience in the situation. Effective presentations will also reel the listeners in with relatable information then this is when the answer of the idea can be presented and this should inspire the audience to embrace the new way of thinking to view more possibilities.

Mark Ronson brought to light that music is being sampled and transforming into new sound all around us by listening to examples by Notorious BIG and creating his own live.

Robotics and modern science have caught up by helping a quadriplegic boy kick a goal in Rio.

Blending ideas and fact to form a new way of thinking with the art of persuasion and suggestive though patterns

Mars is told to be in a form to transform its temperature, creating its own atmosphere, thus being capable to support life.

Following presenters with information overload seemed difficult at times when I could see the direction and a story wasn't being told.


1. The presenter used Dj turntables to blend many past TED speakers to tell a musical story.

2. The speaker used music samples from many genres to show music sampling.

3. Jokes were made by different speakers to reign the audience in.

4. Visual components that enhanced the presentation to understand space science.

5. The speaker spoke from a place of experience which brought it to life.

6. The direction that the speaker took was direct by in a way that changed you perception.

7. The visual aid of Mars and the ideas clarified the way of thinking.

8. Relating fact to current events and current situations.

9. Emotionally charged the thinking with fear of facts or a desire to reach.

10. Considering unawsered questions and creating new ones.

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