Sigma SD Quattro 21:9 PaNoramas

I have two Sigma SD Quattro Cameras, the basic one with a 1.5x crop and the H with it's 1.3x crop. Now the Sigmas with their Foveon sensors have had a reputation for sharp detailed images at low ISO's, which is still the case. However with the new 50MP sensors that advantage is not quite what it was. But the Sigmas still prove useful to me for one particular reason. I can shoot 33MP (on the H) 21:9 Panoramas in camera. Yes I could crop the images later, but I've always preferred to see my final composition through the viewfinder.

The Sigma SD Quattros have a few flaws - Slow AF, Very poor images quality over ISO 200 and a terrible EVF being among them, but at the base ISO of 100 and with a bit of patience they create wonderful images. These days you can even create a .DNG with the cameras, but I still prefer to use the in-camera, created from RAW, S-HI jpgs which without cropping can produce a 51MP file. These jpgs.are strangely underrated by Sigma users, but I find them sharp and 'clean' with excellent colour, which need very little post-production work.


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