Abrahamic Religions Judaism, CHRISTIANITY and islam by Ian Stropus And Eric KUEHl


Jewish Symbol

Judaism is the oldest surviving monotheistic region. It started off when Abraham, considered to be the first Jew, made a consent to god in the second millennium B.C.E. Judaism was founded on the Eastern Mediterranean. Both Christianity and Islam originated off of Judaism.

The Jewish believe in one god and his prophets. Moses was the prophet in which God gave the laws to. Those laws are in the Torah, the holy book of Judaism. The Jewish people worship at a Synagogue. The most famous Jewish holiday is Hanukkah.


Symbol of the Christian Cross

Christianity began as a offshoot of Judaism, except that the Christian people believe that Jesus is the Messiah. It originated in Roman Palestine.

The religion of Christianity believes in the New Testament, as well as parts of the old testament. They worship in churches every Saturday, in which the priest presents the service. Some holidays that Christians celebrate are Christmas, the birth of Jesus, and Easter, the resurrection of Jesus Christ..


Islamic Symbol

Islam began in the seventh century in the city of Mecca. It's founder was the prophet Muhammad, who took advice from Allah (god). It took it's characteristics from both Judaism and Christianity.

The Islamic religion believes in the Quran, and are required to pray 5 times a day. They worship the city of Mecca, which is a pilgrimage that the Islamic people are required to undertake at least once in their life time. The Imam are the religious leaders of the religion.

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