Tough Love

Tough Love is about a girl named Skye, who recently broke up with her boyfriend. Her best friend Aria decides to cheer her up by showing her an new online dating website to take her mind off of her ex boyfriend. She creates an account and begins to browse through the different boys that pop up on her recommended list. Nobody seems to attract her, until one night, she received her first notification from a guy named Brett. She excitedly opens the message and begins talking to him. They instantly connected. As the weeks pass by, they seem to become closer with one another and decide to go a date wiith him. When they meet up at the restaurant, and everything is progressing smoothly, until he drops a pill in her drink. As she drinks the poisoned drink, she begins to feel a little dizzy. They both decide to leave. When they're left alone, Skye falls down in front of Brett and he walks away with her in his arms.


  • Celine
  • Aaron
  • Stephanie


Stephanie Kondo


Created with images by Menswear Market - "Spread Collar"

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