Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing

Mainly B2C retail focused - occasional reference to B2B

Consultancy not really focused on - adapt retail aspects

User Experience (UX) = Brand Experience (BX) + Customer Experience (CX)

  • Ensure each touch point fits with our brand - solid and consistent throughout. This is not just in the design and imagery but in the language we use too. Developing interesting creative, such as video's, infographics etc, will help draw people in.
  • The 'Contact us' page is key to us impacting customer experience - how easy it is for clients to contact us, to find our offices and get to the people they need to? Linking to the correct people on each 'What we do' page too.
  • A smooth training course booking/payment system will also aid customer experience.

Top areas to take forward


  • Fits in with user journey - not in isolation
  • Big screen difference from desktop to mobile
  • Usability - 'click here' means nothing to a blind person
  • No carousels - not mobile friendly
  • 3 click rule - to start the journey not to get to the final destination
  • Link juice - external links are very important: different JBA sites (JBP, ForeCoast® etc)

Quick wins

  • SEO - Yoast
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Add business locations to other search engines (Bing etc) - 30% searches are location based
  • Drop downs in order of importance to client, not alphabetical
  • Regularly update with engaging content - Knowledge Hub, videos, homepage

Bigger development

  • Keywords - who searches what on different devices (Google Planner Tool in Ad words)
  • Develop smaller but more targeted landing pages - specific campaigns (emails etc)
  • Blueprint for records - page layouts etc.
  • Track and measure - bounce pages, time on page, number of pages visited
  • Videos - more engaging
  • Email sign up - needs database development
  • Customer journey mapping - where do they go and when
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) - drive specific sales
  • Web standards level 2 - font size, colour etc

Social Media

  • 3 pillars - Strategy, Content, Campaigns
  • A/B/n testing
  • Staff are big advocates
  • User generated content is the best - they make it so they share it

Quick wins

  • Strategy - Mission statement, Objectives, Target Audience, Tone of Voice, Content Pillars
  • Content - Brainstorm, KPI's, Production, Promotion, Analysis, Content Calendar
  • Staff knowledge - tell them what we share on social, encourage them to share our posts, get on LinkedIn so we can tag you in posts - they don't miss anything and develop their portfolio too
  • Make it specific and tag the right people

Bigger development

  • Strategy - Paid Media
  • Campaigns - Tent pole moments (3-4 a year), new audience, boost database
  • Listening - insights, influencers, opportunities, keywords/topics


  • 2nd useful marketing tool after SEO - B2B = 20% sales, 80% info/content
  • Massive area to develop - needs a strategy to achieve aims
  • Targeted and direct way to stay in touch with clients
  • Build relationships - minimum once a month otherwise they'll forget you
  • Trackable and measurable - squeeze pages
  • Add value - not 'sign up to receive our newsletter'
  • Optimised for mobile

Quick wins

  • Email sign up on website - spam, ham, jam
  • Sign up to competitors mailings to see what they do (anonymous email address)

Bigger development

  • Database - opt in, only ask for what you need
  • A/B/n split testing key to establish what your clients like to see and open
  • Confirmation landing page - thank you, social media share links, 'add us to your address book'


  • YouTube 2nd biggest search engine
  • Sew the content seed months in advance of event - easier for people to find it when you want them to, not six months later
  • User generated content is the best - if they make it, they'll share it more
  • Use PPC and social ads for people to find it - harder if you just wait for them to find it organically
  • It's not just writing and blogs - infographics, white papers etc.

Quick wins

  • Tailor it - if it's right for the audience, it's not right for everyone
  • What do the audience want - not just 'we've done another amazing project'

Bigger development

  • Plan it - ideally for the year (especially for bigger campaigns)
  • Video
  • Combine different channels - e.g. conference with online/digital


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