Intro to DigitalPhotograpy p1-03 A photo is worth a thousand words

This picture is depth, I took this picture on my Cannon Rebel camera. What I did to edit this was there wasn't much contrast so I did end up giving it more contrast, i also brightened the whites and bumped up the exposure one notch. One reason why i love photography so much is because a picture is worth a thousand words and everyone has different views on the same photo.

First Semester Final Project 12/7

I consider this photo to be rule of thirds because the red book is on the line. I took this photo for library but it also works for the lighting project. What I did to edit this was to bump up exposure. For lighting I turned on all the lights in my room.

not edited edited

I consider the rose photo to be composition style depth because there is different "layers" in the photo. I took this photo why walking home from school. For editing i also just bumped up exposure. For lighting I used natural lighting.

This is my story photo. This photo represents if you want you never have to grow up. For lighting all I did was turn on the lights in my sisters room and the candle. The composition style is viewpoint. No editing.
This is my story telling photo. This tells a story of a high school students feelings about time. it symbolizes that when you wake up in the morning because you have to be on TIME for school you want to smash your alarm clock. The poker chips represent amount of TIME you have. you either have way to much of it or not enough of it. For lighting all I did was the flash on my phone. the composition style is balance of elements. No editing.
Before After

This was over Thanksgiving break. This is a natural lighting photo. The only thing I did for editing was slap a filter on there. I would have cropped the people out but I thought that it wouldn't look as good without the base and it wouldn't have matched my original composition style which is depth.

This is one of my lighting photos. I really didn't think it needed editing. The composition style is leading lines. how I took the photo was turn on all the lights in my sisters room.
I took this while hiking. No editing. Natural lighting. Composition style is depth.

I love taking pictures because it was a stress reliever. I like taking photos when I see something that I like. Sometimes there are stresses in photography. This has been my Intro to Photography; lighting, story telling, and editing project. Thank you all for your time.

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