Shane Koyczan

Shane Koyczan a well verse Canadian poet, who was subject to a lot of bullying. Speaking and writing about themes such as mental health, social justice and health. Whose words have impact humans all over the world. One of which over viewed by over 20 million people, "to this day".

"To this day" a poem written showing how we/you/I can make an impact on someones life that can effect them still to this day changing their perspective on themselves and how they may look at many things. "To this day" a poem written showing how we/you/I can make an impact on someone life that can effective them still to this day changing there perspective on themselves and how they may look at many things. This poem is based on Shane Koyczan own experiences growing up and the events he had went through, that many kids still experiences to this day. Shane Koyczan is a poet that connects and describes some of the issues that many humans are struggling with in this generation making a connect to his writing and have a passion for what he writes. This poem is a spoken word poem, throughout his poem he uses many poetic devices such as similes, metaphors and alliterations.

Our generation

We grow up in a generation

thinking that it’s okay

to belittle people

believing their life’s are not as important as our own

saying things and not understand the impact

it can leave on someone

that person may never see the beauty in life

like the way the stars dance on a clear crisp night

from the impact of your words

feeling you’ve forgotten they have feelings

as if you shattered a jar

into a million pieces

knowing they’ll never be able to put it back together

you making us believe

they’re a void

that will never be filled

believing they’re over dramatic

can’t take a joke

to sensitive

or need to grow up

ruining their judgment on life

from your ignorant comment

still believing like you did no harm

and probably will never admit to it

we as a generation are quick to judge

bullying you for smiling

but acting like we care when you frown

make sure to be yourself

but well make sure to tell you what you can’t be

but won’t tell us what we can be

well make fun of you for the way you dress

even the way you look

well judge you on everything we can

thinking that we stand above you

telling you your opinion is wrong

but well force you to believe

ours is right

this is our generation

Studying poetry can give you a greater appreciation for poets, who can just so easily write and make many people relate to it. I found I grew a greater appreciation for poetry. I started to write in my spare time, about experiences I've gone through. The poem I wrote was based on the way this generation can be and how many treat others. I wish with my poem I could've made it have more of an impact and made it flow nicer, but overall I feel as if my poem and make people rethink things they might say or do.

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