By repealing Section 177(d) of the US Tax Code, the tax bill that already passed in the House of Representatives would make our entire tuition waiver taxable income. This will tax us on money that we never actually receive. The potential impacts are devastating and their ripple effects are endless.

  • Massive drop-out rates are anticipated as many graduate students would no longer be able to afford to continue their educations.
  • International graduate students could be forced to return home without a degree if they cannot come up with a way to pay increased taxes (in some cases more than 20 times the current amount paid).
  • Universities would struggle to find researchers and instructors to replace graduate student employees. In turn research projects would shut down and courses for undergraduates would be cancelled.
  • Eventually colleges and universities may effectively go out of business.

Never before has there been a more urgent time for grads to stand together as both students and employees.

Join us on December 6 at noon

at Senator Pat Toomey’s downtown Pittsburgh office to deliver our letters and petitions!

If you’re coming from Pitt, you can take the 71C, 71B, 61A, or 71A from Fifth Ave. at Bigelow Blvd. between 11:25 a.m. and 11:35 a.m. and still get to the event on time. If you need more assistance getting to the event, please contact: info@pittgradunion.org

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