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Let Nature Bee

Argo Nature Area 9/6/19 f/9.0 1/2500 ISO 1600

For this photo, I chose the word "life" to represent what I BEElieve makes good photography. This photo captures the daily activity of a bee: pollination! My goal for this photo was to create a smaller depth of field and a fast shutter speed to focus viewers' eyes towards the bee on the flower.

Music & ME


1/25 f/2.5 ISO 320

For this photo, I chose this kind of shot to show a part of myself through a self-portrait. I chose to have music sheets in the background because music is a big part of my life. To create this, I laid down sheets of music on the floor and set up the tripod above the sheets, then I set up the timer on the camera (which was the most difficult part because my camera doesn't have interval timing) to capture the shots. I'd say the most difficult part of the shoot was placing myself and posing in an aesthetically pleasing way in the photo. Many times I would have half of my face cut off from the photo or not be in it at all. I chose to edit it in black and white because of contrast between the pages and myself would be strengthened and the photo would be less distracting. Overall, I really liked this shoot because I had never taken self-portraits before and it really opened my eyes to more possibilities within photography!

Street Photography

1/320 f/11 ISO 200

For this photo, it was taken in downtown Ann Arbor during the climate strike. I thought this would be an interesting shot because of the natural reflection of the sunlight off of her glasses. I edited the photo in black and white to create more drama and to make the photo less flat. I made the background darker to help "pop" the subjects. It was kind of a struggle because there were less people there when I arrived since it the strike was mostly over, but I managed to snap this shot nonetheless.

Perspective, Symmetry, Repetition

1/160 f/5.6 ISO 200

The leftmost photo represents perspective because she is looking through a ball of twine. I especially like this one because her blue eye contrasts with the orangey-brown twine.

For the photo in the middle, this represents symmetry. I was walking around in a shop and noticed the symmetry with the two hen bookends.

For the rightmost photo, this represents repetition. I found this shot of a 3D Model of a DNA helicase in the Museum of Natural History. I took this picture by placing the camera underneath the gaps of the structure to give the illusion that it was a large spiraling stair-like structure.


1/320 f/1.8 ISO 400 1/80 f/5.0 ISO 200

The left photo was taken in downtown Ann Arbor. I had my model place her face closer to the neon light to have colorful lights and shadows on her face. I especially like the photo because of the reflection of the light onto the model's clear raincoat. This photo was meant to represent a theatrical/glamour headshot.

The right photo was taken in a studio set up with a key light setup at my school. I had my model place her legs 45ยบ away from the camera to have a harsh shadow on one side of her face add drama to the photo. This photo was meant to represent a dramatic headshot.

Fire and Flame

1/160 f/5.6 ISO 400

For this photo, my goal was to have a clear subject. I placed a lit candle in front of a mirror to create the illusion of a candle off into the distance and create bokeh. I especially like how you can see the candle wick burning.

Unbeleafable Weather

1/125 f/5.0 ISO 200

For this photo, I took a series of photos-- underexposed, properly exposed, overexposed--combined to make a HDR photo. My goals for this photo was to capture a beautiful sunset and create a starburst with the sunlight peeking through the leaf. Since the sunsets this weekend had been monochromatic, I thought it would be interesting to use HDR to bring out the textures and colors in the leaf and grass. I think the decay mood of this photo is added because the background is also mostly bleak and gloomy. If I were to re-shoot this, I would choose day with a colorful sunset and try to get the starburst sun. I really like how the textures in the ice on the leaf is more visible with the HDR composite! I am excited to see how HDR would have looked with more color in the sky.

Cool [Coffee]Beans

1) ISO 200 f/4.8 1/25 2) ISO 200 f/1.8 1/80 3) ISO 200 f/1.8 1/60

For this series of photos, I wanted to capture coffee. The first picture is of a latte. I did not realize how fast the latte art dissipates, so that was the major obstacle for that photo. The second picture with the spoons has ground coffee in one spoon and coffee beans in the other. I think this one is my favorite photo out of the three because I planned this one out the most and I really love the lighting. The third photo, is of brewed coffee. Initially, I had taken the photo without the fairy lights, but the photo seemed a little lacking. I may have overdone it a little bit, but I think the lights add to the cozy vibe.

Long Exposure

ISO 100 f/16 20.0 sec

For this shoot, I took a long exposure photo of the water from the faucet running over the blueberries. My goal was to create water falling over rocks kind of effect with the blueberries as the "rocks." I am very disappointed in my photos for this shoot and would like to take long exposure photos of different subjects, like traffic or an actual waterfall.

Assumption Presumption

Gabby: f/1.8 1/100 ISO 200 Susie: f/1.8 1/160 ISO 200

For this shoot, I took photos of Susie and Gabby for the Assumptions Wall we are displaying by our classroom to show that people's assumptions can be incorrect and people have more to them than meets the eye.

Quarantine Compositions

This collection of images represents the 11 elements of photography: texture, pattern, line, symmetry, space, balance, color, perspective, framing, depth of field, and rule of thirds.

Created By
Bella Patel