Wind Energy :Economic Costs And Benefits By: Zachary

Money: 4% of our power is from wind power yet it costs us 20% of our electrical bill. (COST)

Money: Ontario has thee most expensive electricity in North America. Ontario pays 11-13.5 cents per kWh for wind power while USA pays 7 cents per kWh on average. (COST)

Durability: Wind turbine typically lasts 20-25 years before needing to be replaced. (BENEFIT)

Capacity Factor: Wind turbines only have a 25% capacity factor because there has to be wind for the turbines to produce energy. (COST)

Jobs: Wind energy opens up many jobs. These jobs include manufacturing, service and sales/marketing. (BENEFIT)

Construction: Wind projects have very short construction periods. (BENEFIT)

I feel that Wind energy is a benefit to the economy because wind turbines are very durable and don't have to be replaced for roughly 20-25 years. When these Turbines eventually need to be replace the construction time is very short so the energy will not get drastically increased while building new turbines. Finally, wind energy opens up many jobs. Some of these jobs include, Manufacturing, Service, Construction and Sales/Marketing.



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