World War 2 Begins By: Anissa Dunaway #45

The treaty of VersAilles was making Germany pay a lArGe amount of money and supplies. And there was one person that thought he couLd solve thAt. ADolf Hitler. and he had main focus on wiping out the Jews because He THOUGHT thAt it was their fault and he then he tried taking over the world
Hitler was the dicTator of Germany, and he thought he could take over the worlD he atempted and had much sucsess but then failed and commited scuicide.
Hideki Tojo was the military dictator of Japan but then took over and became PrIme minister.
Benito Mussoliini was an aRdent socialist and made the Facist party and then made hiMself dictator of fAcist ItalY.
Fransisco Franco was a soldier and then took over and became the diCtator of Spain.
Stalin ruled over russia for over two decades and during world war two he was betrayed by the nasis and tried defeating nasism.
America had joined the war on December 11 because and was with thE allies and the war hAd helped our economy, since we had to have guns air planes tanks boats cannons and many other thIngs so people got jobs and got paid and slowly the economy had grown back to place.
In the end the allies won and everythinG was normal

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