How To Shoot A Free Throw By: Jediah Smith

Are you starting off playing basketball and struggle at your free throws? The key to shooting a free throw well is having a rhythm and knowing the impact timing can have. I am teaching you how to shoot a free throw, because free throws are one of the most important shot in basketball. Rhythm is key to shoot a free throw.

The materials you will need is a Hoop, a Ball, and a free throw line.

The first thing you will need to do is come up with a rhythm. You will need a rhythm you can remember and you will stick with. I recommend a rhythm of threes.

After you do that. Step up to the free throw line focused and in control. If you aren't focused or concentrated you will miss most of the time. You need to breath and concentrate.

Soon after you do that. You want to do your plan and focus and then to wrap it all up you shoot and cash the shot.

Also, You want to practice when you are tired when you get your shot and rhythm down. You want to shoot like 10 at a time.

After all this you will learn that, rhythm and reputation can make or break a game. Free throws are the most important shots in basketball. You will find out how important rhythm is in a basketball game.

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