Most Significant Change By: olivia lavaka

The telegraph was the most significant change in the 1800s, because it allowed long distance communication, influenced new technologies, and was very useful during the war.

The telegraph transmitted electrical signals over a wire laid between stations.

The telegraph allowed families and businesses to communicate over long distances. It also allowed information to be sent across the country very fast, and inspired people to improve the world of technology.

  • The telegraph was developed in the 1830s-1840s. By 1861, telegraph lines crossed the American continent to revolutionize long distance communication and "producers and consumers could communicate from long distances" (
  • During this time, the railroad industry was also increasing. The telegraph gave people the ability to know when trains were leaving and arriving.

The telegraph influenced the North more than the South, because they "...embraced progress and improvement" while the South "...remained wedded to a retrogressive labor system." (New York Times)

The telegraph encouraged people to move and communicate with other people with westward expansion.


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