The Book Thief Themes By: kyndal crandall

Theme 1: The Kindness and Cruelty of Humans

"He will never be approved, it said, even if he buys a hundred copies of Mein Kampf"(147).

In this quote, It's showing the way the Nazi's usually treat others. They are tough and harsh on approving just like when Hans Hubermann had a similar experience. He tried to sign up to be part of the Nazis in order to protect his Wife. When Liesel joined into the Hubermanns family, he made a drastic improvement. No matter how are Hans tried, The Nazis didn't accept him.

"Human nature is intriguing in such that it can express both negative and positive emotions, as in kindness and cruelty". Is being kind or cruel a natural emotion? Are we born with these attributes or do we develop them over time? In the book, cruelity is apparent as the Nazi's spread fear to all. KIndness is found within others and they will see the good.

Theme 2: Word have Power

"With a smile like that, Hans said, you don't need eyes" (68)

Through the friendship of Hans and Liesel, Hans gives Liesel a great point. I feel what Hans is trying to say your word sand smile are my effective than your eyes. Words can have very powerful effects on others, but when we start to abuse them, things tend to fall apart and lose people in the word. Even just from saying something so simple can mean the world to others.

"With a tube of toothpaste and just a few minutes, one mom taught her daughter an important lesson she’ll likely never forget" This article shows a very powerful example of how the power of words can impact others for good or bad. Sometimes as humans we don't think before we open our mouths. Hurtful words can never be taken back. Be nice.

Theme 3: Stealing

"The book thief had struck for the first time – the beginning of an illustrious career" (145)

Liesel's book stealing never really counted as criminality, unless you're being strict. Liesel has started her stealing career, for books. She can't afford books, so she steals them. She probably doesn't mean to still in a mean way, but she only does it for her love of books. She will do anything for the books, even if Liesel has to steal them. Rudy points out, that it's almost silly to call taking books from Liesel Hermann's library "stealing." Her book thievery presents a pleasant counterpart to the very real crimes of the Nazis.

"Nine teens and a 25-year-old man have been charged with stealing more than 300 iPads and other Apple gear worth nearly $100,000 from a Near South Side elementary school last week." The thing with stealing is eventually you will be caught and punished. Feelings of greed overtake the reality of right and wrong. Liesel new it was wrong to take not one but two different books. Her love for reading was more powerful than her guilt of stealing.


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