Rocky Mountains The Rocky mountains are located in the united states and canada

Climate of the Rocky Mountain Range

  • The high temp as an average is 78 degrees fahrenheit
  • The low temp as an average is 16 degrees fahrenheit
  • The average rainfall max is 2.21 and the min is 0.37
  • The Rocky Mountains go through all for seasons depending on location. The peaks of the mountains contain a unpredictable season all year round. There is both a wet and dry season but the peaks contain a cold temperature and with a possibility of snow all year round.

Net Primary Productivity

The rocky mountain range happens to be apart of many biomes. From my research I have found that the rocky mountain range happens to be apart of the grasslands, desert, and disiduous forest biome. This provides a lot of diversity to this specific mountain range. This also connects to the diversity of the weather in which was talked about above. The two biomes that are the most different happen to be the savanna and the rain forest.

Soil Quality

As I have found while researching there is very poor soil quality in the rocky mountain range. This is a land area that would very difficult to obtain a farm. Seeing that there are few plants that could survive and thrive in this area.

Woolly Mullein

The woolly mullein is an invasive species from Europe. This was brought over by accident when people started to settle in the west. This species is great at adapting to their surroundings and can produce over 100,000 seeds in a year.

Canadian Lynx

This species happens to be a threatened species. This is because the animals that they prey on are also going extinct. The animal that they mainly prey on is the snowshoe hare.

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