Sunnyvale By: Emma peterson


Work, Play, live happy

Community seal:

Seal: The rose is the community seal, to show that we center our community around embracing the outdoors.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to be more active in every part of our lives, and to embrace the outdoors more, so people can be happier.

Membership Requirements

To live in our community, you need an application, including your name, age, hobby's, and why you think you should join this community. After you turn it in, you will meet with a head leader.

Community rules

1. You cannot retire to bed until you have at least 10,000 steps. 2. 9:00 bedtime for kids. 10:30 for Adults. 3. Wake up time for kids is 7:15, 6:40 for adults. 4. You must do something enjoyable every day. 5. You can ride bikes. scooters, skates, ect. No things that run with gas. 6. you must do homework every night, which is exactly one page. 7. At age ten, you can meet with a head leader to discuss your future, and what you want to do, and then take classes to go toward that goal. 8.At least one of your classes must be a physical exercise, your choice. 9. No sitting down in classes unless needed. 10. Everyone must get a good job, to pay what is needed.

Daily Schedual

7:00 Wake up

7-8 Exercise time

8-9 Breakfast/get ready

8-9 Homework/cleaning

10-2 School/Work

2-3 Outside time

3-4 Preperation classes

4-5 outside time

5-6 Dinner

6-7 Family time

7-8 Sky classes

8-9 Preparation for bed

9-10 bed


Our location would be right here in Alpine, Utah. It has sun and snow, and is perfect for all year sports.


Our Government would have five leaders that work together to make important decisions. They will work together to help the cities needs.

Persuasive Appeal

A day in Sunnyvale will never be boring. You never sit in school, free time is valued, and being active is everything!


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