Food and Feasts By:Cole hanely

How many meals do people generally eat each day?

Answer: In the renaissance people generally had three meals a day which included breakfast, dinner, and super.

(Singman pg 132)

What type of dishes/silverware were sued by the wealthy and lower classes?

Answer: In the Elizabethan the upper class generally used linen table cloth the poor did not have that, they would also have a drinking vessel a trencher and a wooden plate. The poor used wooden bowls to drink out of.

(Singman pg 138)

Lord Capulet throws a huge parts, feast and all. What foods were likely to be serve at this event? Choose at least two vegetables, two meats, and two fruits.

Answer: When "lord Capulet" throws a huge party here are some food you would generally find. Two vegetables would you find are: spinach also salads. Two meats you would find are: Roast chicken also peacock. Two fruits that would also see would be: cherries and also peaches.

(Singman pg 142-145)

At a banquet such as Lord Capulet's, how many courses would have been served? Who would do the cooking? What did this suggest about the wealth of the banquet hosts?

Answer: They would have several courses because they were very wealthy.

Singman pg 131

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