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We need to improve life on land

Do you care about deforestation?Do you are planning to resolve deforestation?According to, did you know that around 100 years there will be no rainforests, thanks to deforestation.In my opinion that's incredible!With this fact you can see that a big problem with deforestation is that rainforest will disappear .That is why life on land is important because is affecting not only the land but the habits of the animals.It is important to know problems with deforestation and what causes it.

Deforestation is a big problem in life on land

There are many problems with deforestation and is causing a big problem in life on land.The biodiversity is getting lost.According to the cause is that 100 species of animals are lost because people are destroying their habitats.The effect is that some animals are lost and others are endanger.80% of the animals are in the rainforest,but not only there are loss of biodiversity.Another problem with deforestation is that the water cycles are affected.When people do deforestation and destroyed the forest water bodies are affected.The water bodies are dried out because of a process.The process is that the water circulates in a ecosystem and the ponts are remain,some is transport to the atmosphere.The last problem with deforestation is the climate change.Climate change is a big problem with deforestation because people do deforestation and destroy the forest that means that co2 will stay in the atmosphere.This will cause climate change because it will alert the climate.

There is a cause and an effect to deforestation

There are not just many problems with deforestation it is important to know what causes it to happen.Referring to ,first of all what causes deforestation is to make a home, and make more land for people to live in.In my opinion I think that oviosly that causes deforestation but you can live on a place where there is no wood for people to cut it and for you to live in.Secondly what causes deforestation for people to create items like paper,furniture,and to build some houses out of wood.This could get better by not buying a house out of wood and also not buying furniture that is made out of wood because you are making deforestation a much bigger problem.Finally what causes deforestation to happen is to create ingredients items for example oil from palm trees.All of these causes are meaning to deforestation on our life on land.

We need to stop deforestation to improve our goal.

We can solve deforestation in many ways,because is causing a major problem in life on land.Therefore we need solutions.Some of the solutions that kids and adults can do are the following.Conforming to a solution is that we need to band cutting trees.What I think about this is to start saying people maybe from your school,your neighborhood,and family to stop cutting trees and live nature as it is.This way this solution will improve because people will start to care about it,and don't cut trees or even grave stuff in nature.Another thing you can do is to plant new trees to replace the other ones that are been cut.Trees are being plant every single year but they don't match the numbers of the trees that were cut.Therefor we can plant a tree in our backyard or even in our neighbor's park.The last solution that we can do is to reuse paper and plastic bags so our life on land can be clean with out deforestation.Don't waste notebook paper, reuse paper that you can use again and again,also reuse paper bags for putting or organized things.This are the ways we can make our life on land better.

We need to think and act with solutions .

We need to stop deforestation by doing solutions.So now we can see the causes and effects in deforestation.The problems with deforestation are big problems but that is made by many causes.Now is your turn to do solutions,so get up,and start moving and do solutions to improve deforestation this means life on land.Stop! Now think about it,do you think you could leave an impact as an individual to improve it?We need to do something about this problem what would you do?

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