Trench Warfare By: Jakolby Fackler

Trenching Tool

Saperka by Karol Głąb is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

This tool is a very important tool that every soldier should have during World War I. This tool is so important because it will allow you to dig trenches in the ground on the battle field. It is very important that you would have to dig trenches because the enemies would shoot you if you were on the ground, but if you dig down then they can't shoot you.


British 39th Siege Battery RGA Somme 1916 by John Warwick Brooke is licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain

A cannon would be a very useful thing in the War. It is one of the only weapons that could get over and into the trench to kill other people. A rifle wouldn't be able to get over and into the trench because it's shooting on a straight line, but a cannon is on an angle which would allow the cannonball to go over the edge of the trench. It would also be very useful because the cannon makes an explosion which would in return kill more than one person at a time.

Gas Mask

Germany gas mask, Model 1917 by Daderot is licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain

A gas mask would be a very important thing to have and something that would help you greatly to stay alive. There were poison gasses and harmful gasses during WWI that people used all of the time to kill each other. The gas mask would help to keep out the gasses and help you stay alive.

Steel Helmet

Romania steel helmet, Model 1915 Adrian type by Daderot is licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain

A steel helmet would be a great thing to have in WWI because it would help protect your head from injury. It would protect your head from shrapnel which could cause serious damage to your head. It would also protect your head from bullets and flying debris.

Field Emergency Medical Kit

US Merchant Marine first aid kit by Daderot is licensed under the Creative Commons Public Domain

A field emergency medical kit would be very helpful during the war. There were many injuries and the medical kit could have helped those injuries. It would have helped heal cuts and and people getting diseases from other things through those cuts.

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