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Disclaimer: These pictures are for learning use only.

Unit A-Original and then Edited.

To crop the photo the cropping tool was used in Photoshop and then fitted to fit the original size.

Unit B-Original and then Edited
Unit C- Original and then Edited
Unit D-Original and then Edited
Unit E-Original and then Edited.
Unit F-Original and then Edited
Unit G- Original and then Edit
Unit H- Original and then Edited

To get rid of the other birds, the spot healing tool was used in Photoshop.

To make this poster a blank black chalk board picture was downloaded from google (link to picture below) and then text was added to make the recipe set up. The measuring cup was made by using the selection tool on the original recipe for success photo's measuring cup and then copied over to the following photo.

Link for blank black chalk board: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/26880929000983454/

Original and then Edited

To remove the wrinkles the Spot Healing Tool was used on Adobe Photoshop.

Links for the original photos altered in the above photo: http://www.pixelstalk.net/download-great-pumpkin-charlie-brown-backgrounds-free/ http://cdn2.locable.com/uploads/resource/file/291784/charlie-brown-320.jpg

To whiten the teeth in the above photo, the quick selection and then Hue and Saturation tool were used to brighten the teeth.

Edited. (Re-colored) To recolor the picture like the one above. There was a black and white adjustment layer added over the original photo and then a color fill layer mask was added on top with the color yellow.
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Maya Flowers


These photos are for learning use only.

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