Olive's Ocean By: Kevin Henkes

A location in part one of this book would be at Martha's house. Martha has a full family living in her house. I imagine that her house is big because she has quite a few people living in it.

Throughout this part of the book, in the beginning it takes place at Martha's front door, I think Martha's front door is big and wide because there was enough space for two people standing by it. Then another specific location in her house would be her room. In my opinion, I think that Martha's bedroom isn't very big, but is big enough for furniture.

This novel takes place around the summer because Martha is traveling to go see her Grandma. I imagine Martha at her grandmothers house on vacation, just and only thinking about Olive. Now all Martha can think about is Olive while Martha should really be spending her Summer vacation with her Family.

This book takes place in the summer, which means it is very hot. In my opinion, I think it would be very humid and people will never wear jackets, hoodies, jeans, or any clothes that make you perspire. The book would take place where the sun is shining during the day, but still warm at night.

Martha, Martha's Mother, Father, Little Sister, and Older Brother live with her. Martha's Grandma does not live with them but she has a part in the book. Olive has passed away, but her Mom is in the book.

In a part of my book, Martha has a telephone and is about to call her best friend. She was going to call her because she was going to tell her about how Olive's Mother rode to her house on a bike and gave her a letter.

The mood for my book would be stressful because Martha is trying to get ready for her trip to visit her Grandma, but right now all she can think about is Olive Barstow. At the same time all of this is happening, Olive's Father tries to get out of the house whenever he can.

The setting of Martha's house affected the story because otherwise Martha wouldn't have gotten the letter from Olive's Mother. Also, if the setting did not take place in her house, her Dad wouldn't be trying to get out so much.



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