CU 1010 Journal Spring 2017

1.31.17 Time Management

  • What time management strategies did you use?
  • How well did they work?

One of the main reasons I am in the position I am in today is because of my inability to manage time. I am a very organized person, but procrastination has always been my Achilles heel. In my free time, I consume my time playing the Xbox or watching Netflix. Therefore, I made it my goal to set priorities, set up an appropriate schedule, and to stay healthy. In the short amount of time I have practiced these skills, I have noticed my increase in productivity, and how the stress of school is slowly coming off my chest. Setting priorities has enabled me to weigh the benefits or rewards of my actions. It makes me feel extremely more content with myself when I complete all the school work I needed to get done, and then I can engage in any extracurricular activities I desire. Setting my schedule and staying healthy both go hand and hand to me. It is very important that I have a daily or weekly plan that will guide me. If I don't have a schedule, then I will make an excuse to spend my time engaging in unproductive activities. With that being said, I believe these three strategies will play a major role into my success this semester and beyond.


  • How has it impacted your life?
  • Why do you prefer process over product?

As mentioned in the previous journal, procrastination is the underlying reason I fail to get things done the right way or fail to get them done at all. It doesn't just apply to school, I procrastinate in almost everything that I do. I would rather wait until the last minute to get numerous different things done than to start working ahead of time, which makes the workload harder and content not as good. One of the worst feelings in the world is having everything you need in order to succeed, but you would rather wait until it's too late to get things done. Even when I know of the due dates months in advance, I seem to find a way to start and complete the assignment a day or two before. That is why I have come to trust the process more than the product. It takes a process of small steps in order to achieve the the ultimate product you desire. If you are more worried about just the finished product rather than the process it takes to get there, then you are already more susceptible to failure. That advice is something I intend to carry on into the real world. Procrastination is a serious problem, but it is easily fixable if you just implement a plan and trust the process.


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