Lollipops for Kindness By Megan ShEesLey, Brittany Lemus, Sabrina Pouza, Melanie FUEntiez

Our project idea

We decided that handing out lollipops with positive and encouraging phrases would be a great way to spread kindness around the school. Also the tags that were on the lollipops were stickers that could be removed and given to other students to brighten up their day. The main idea of our project, which was also written on each sticker, was to pass on the Kindness.

Givist Culture

Consumption to contribution ( Sabrina ) - The consumption to contribution pillar means that after what ever crowd we are targeting takes our product we are expecting them to then contribute back. This ties into our project because we gave our lollipops out for free in the hope that people would spread the word, but also that after enjoying their candy they would be a bit happier and maybe bright up someone's day on their own.

Transaction to trust ( Brittany ) - This pillar means that we would have to trust people to spread the kindness and either tell their friends about our project, or give someone else their sticker with out watching and making sure they do this.

Isolation to community ( Megan ) - To me this pillar means bringing people closer together even though we aren't completely isolated from each other. In this project I think the interactiveness of choosing whether or not to pass on your sticker to someone and to spread the word about it so more people participate shows this particular pillar.

Scarcity to abundance ( Melanie ) - The scarcity to abundance pillar is a pillar to show how we could change from small amounts of kindness to a great supply of kindness. In the project we made the quotes in order to inspire kindness to be "passed on to others."

Project expectations

Sabrina - I thought that people might be hesitant to take the candy from us since they wouldn't know what it was for, but then be surprised by our empowering and kind quotes

Brittany - I expected people to be surprised and confused by our project. It's not very common to see a group of people willingly giving out candy, let alone candy with a kind not attached to it.

Megan - I thought people would be excited by the fact they could just get free candy from us and that many would disregard the actual projects function and message.

Melanie- My expectations were that people would enjoy the candy and hopefully spread our message through the school and everyone could have a happy end to their day.

What we have learned

Sabrina - What I have learned from this project is that people really enjoy when others randomly give of themselves just to make other people happy.

Brittany - I learned that sometimes a small act of kindness could really brighten up a persons day.

Megan - After this project I have learned that doing kind things like this makes you feel like you have made someone's day or made that person happier even if it was just for as long as that candy lasted.

Melanie - We ended up putting a lot of smiles on people's faces and it taught be that the smallest thing of offering people a lollipop can really change a persons mood towards happiness.

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