Save Animals After a Volcano animals help us so we should help them

Save animals after a volcano because some get sick and lose their homes. Animals like gophers, deer, and birds lose their homes. If animals lose their homes, they won't have anywhere to survive.

Animals like horses are helpful we ride on them to go to far away places. if we didn't have horses we would not go to far places.
If we have animals they can help us and we can help them too. But if we don't they won't help us.
We need animals to help us so go save some animals!

by:Michael Szostek

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Created with images by skeeze - "volcano lava flowing" • skeeze - "horses ranch running" • - "Deer" • State Farm - "Lieutenant Carlton Saunders and K-9 Horton with the Howard County Fire and Rescue (Maryland)"

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