Rome Geogrpahy PicCollage by Skylar Hope

Applation and Apennines mountains

These mountain ranges helped Rome in protecting them from invasion. The Apennines mountains divided the Italian peninsula in half. This allowed the Romans to counter attack every time they were threatened, anyone who planned to attack Rome would be at risk of attack from the other side of the mountain. This helped the government to thrive by having a sturdy army and with the help of the Apennines mountains the army can surprise the enemy with a attack. The alps sealed of the Italian peninsula protecting Rome from outside invasions. The alps created a road block that caused the attackers to move slower giving Rome more time to prepare. The Apennines and the Alps are both great ways of protection for the Romans this would explain the Etruscan's wanted to take over Rome. The Etruscan's knew that if they were able to overthrow Rome the protection of the Mountains that were once Rome's would be there's.

The Alps

Southern Coast lands

These coast land's are hot and dry. This climate is perfect to grow almonds, figs, and olives. The southern coastline planes help trade in Rome. This boasted Rome’s economy and also gave many people jobs. The coast land's impacted the government by enhancing trade and economy. The Etruscan's would do very well in the business of trade if they were able to own these planes filled with crop. In conclusion the Southern coast land's helped Rome’s settlement in many ways.

Olive farm in Rome

Tiber river

The Romans called the Tiber river, Father Tiber. The Roman city was built on the Tiber river. They loved the Tiber river because it watered their land, connected the city to the ocean, and protected them from invasion. The fresh waters of the River were used for drinking, cleaning, cooking, and watering their crops. In addition to that the Tiber river was a way of transportation from Rome to out into the sea. The Tiber river could be used to trade enhancing the government's ability to expand the economy systems. On top of that the Tiber river protects the Romans from invasion. The Etruscan's would not only have fresh water if they overthrew Rome but also a form of protection fort their own. In the end The Tiber river was the base to the Romans civilization. Even though the Roman's very much it also created some problems. The Tiber river flooded and would create damage to Rome. In fact the Tiber river still floods today.

The Tiber river

Mediterranean sea

The Mediterranean Sea was the central highway for trade and cultural exchange. This brought together Western Asian, North Africa, and Southern Europe. The Roman Empire called the Mediterranean Sea “My Sea”. This is because Rome's empire covered the border of the Mediterranean sea. They did not allow other empires to flourish on these waters. As Rome grew they wanted more crop such as grains and African horses that were considered status of power in the Roman court. It was hard to travel with goods and letters so the Mediterranean sea was very helpful for transportation. This enhanced trade, economy, and the transportation in the government. The access to the Mediterranean sea would be very helpful for any civilization, This would explain why the Etruscan's wanted to take over Rome. The only bad thing that the Mediterranean sea brings to the Romans is the desire of other empires to have that sea and land.

Mediterranean sea

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