Promethium By drew davenport

Promethium On The Periodic Table
All of Promethium Isotopes Are Radioactive

Symbol: Pm

Atomic Number:61

Atomic Mass: 145

Number Of Protons: 61

Number Of Neutrons: 84

Number Of Electrons: 61

Melting Point: 1,042 celsius

Boiling Point: 3,000 celsius

Normal Phase: solid

The cost of promethium per gram is $0.50.

My element belongs to the rare earth metals family.

Promethium got its name from the greek god Prometheus.

Promethium was discovered by Jacob A. Marinksy in Tennessee.

Interesting Info:

1. It's rare

2. Original spelling was Prometheum.

3. Named after Greek God Prometheus who stole from from greek gods.

4. Was the last rare Earth element of the lanthanide series to be discovered.

5. All isotopes are radioactive

6. Isotopes generate x-rays via beta decay.


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