DTC #26: 10th Birthday Redux Because having another go at scarfing pizza and being a hero is timeless

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Pizza party the way it's supposed to be done.

Get your revenge from 5th grade in the place it counts most: the laser tag arena.

Settle up your scores over a few scoops of impressive ice cream.

End the way an adults party is meant to, at a dive bar.

George Carter III is credited with creating the first laser tag arena in Houston, TX. He came up with the idea while watching Star Wars in 1977 but it took him until March 1984 to have the grand opening.
Stop 1

Personalize and pamperize that pizza party

• 7pm til 8:30pm •

Turning the corner on Ventura to Midici you’ll be hit with the realization that there’s one hell of a line. Don’t worry, it’ll move quickly as you decide between the double peperoni or white pizza. After decorating your pie and grabbing a glass of vino plop down on a patio seat with your crew and reminisce about pizza parties of old. The ancient looking stove and internal olive tree set the scene for a new kind of pizza bash, the one full of wine and devouring your perfect creation all on your own. After you’ve finished that last piece of crust you’ll be ready to team up and take out your fellow partiers.

Stop 2

Return to base, base, base

• Post Pizza Party •

Although this is something you became accustomed to around 1995, the walk into Ultra Zone Laser Tag is a little nervy. The muscle memory will come back after you’ve geared up and had a look at the highlighted surroundings. Standing next to a 10 year old during the instruction portion, you glance down and give them a solid look, the stare of the grizzled veteran. Not 10 minutes later that same kid will be saving your ass as you get caught in a corner with enemy fighters. Let the laughter take over when you’ve finished a few games and reminisce about the good times of this night. The only thing to finish this of right is a cherry on top, literally.

Stop 3

The Ice Cream Fix

• Post Laser Tag •

đź“·: @losangeles_eats

The few minute walk to Afters Ice Cream will allow you to cool down and chuckle about what just happened. Someone most likely will have gone down. Some one will have been destroyed by an 8 year old. All of you will be ready for epicly flavored hand crafted ice cream. Entering the plain looking digs you’ll be surprised at the colorful and creative concoctions that lay ahead. Go nuts. Get crazy. Maybe order a Milky Bun. Indulge like 10 year olds letting the ice cream melt as you attempt to save and savor the delicious treat.

Stop 4


• Post Ice Cream •

Well being a ten year old again has been pretty fun…but really it’s time for a drink. Thank heavens there’s a dive bar right across the street named The Barrel. Entering the “adult” space will be a culture shock until that first sip of beer or stiff cocktail. Score the shuffleboard and get down while you secretly sign up one of your group to karaoke. As the booze flows and the childhood feels float away you’ll get caught in the night of adulthood nonsense. But don’t forget, only a few blocks away that 10th birthday will always be waiting for you, ready to get silly and stuff your mouth with sugar.


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