The Formation Of The Himalayas By: Brock slump

This is a picture where the Hymalayas is located

40-50 million years ago in Asia one of mankind's most significant structure was formed. Today we know this beautiful landmass as the great Himalayas! It all started when the Indian Tectonic plate went under the Eurasian Tectonic plate (Located in Asia). This caused Asia’s land mass to elevate and make mountains, and that's when the Himalayas started. Although they formed over a long Period of time, it changed many Peoples an Animals life forever!

Although they may seem pretty, the path they left millions of years ago was not. When the Himalayas were forming, many Monsoons would occur. The Monsoons occurred in the summer and winter, which is deadly. Surprisingly when the Indian plate was going under the Eurasian plate, it picked up materials but also lost a lot underneath the crust. Getting rid of a lot of resources but getting a lot too. This was hard for people and animals at that time!

Yet you may think people that live in the Himalayas live the same as any other person, they don't. Most people who dare to even hike the Himalayas, have to rely on rivers. And imagine how hard it would be to live there. When many mountains form, a lot of rivers form making a lot of supply of fish and water. Many people attempt to climb one specific mountain, this is called Mt.Everest. Daredevils risk their lives climbing these amazing mountains! Overall the Himalayas is a pretty scenery, but a very lethal place!

This is a picture of a Himalayas tourist at base camp.

In conclusion, it is an amazing landmass,and will always be a huge part of our history. Surprisingly, one day in the future ,these giant mountains may be gone ! From the formation, to the adventures, to the scenery they are truly one of the most extraordinary Mountains.

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