Electric Cars: The Vehicles of the Future Joshua Paul

"We will not stop until every car on the road is electric" Elon Musk

Electric cars are no longer unaffordable, inefficient automobiles. Electric cars have zero tailpipe emissions, and that is why many believe it is the automobile of the future. According to a Goldman Sachs article, 5% of the cars on the road today are electric; by 2025 that amount will have increased to 25%. This led me to think, how do these types of cars save you money? How fuel efficient are electric cars, and how will this trend affect the environment?

Electric cars are known to be an expensive commodity, but are these really money saving machines? According to Consumer Reports, electric cars have mileage up to 124 electric miles per gallon. What about the costs of charging these eco-friendly, fuel-efficient auto mobiles? For all of you that like to keep money in your wallet, it only costs 11 cents per kilowatt and $2.64 for a full charge!

Below are images that demonstrate how easy it is to charge your electric car.

Charging your car with Tesla is fast and free of cost.

A map of all of the super charging stations across the country.

For the Full Interactive Go to epa.gov

Before the twenty first century, cars were never a topic of how to improve the environment. Thanks to the innovations of entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, driving at a low cost while being environmentally conscientious is now possible. Although there are emissions from producing a car, driving one does not release any carbon dioxide. For those of you who are sick of fluctuating gas prices, going electric is the right choice for you.

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