2017 Code4Romania matures

In 2017...

...we grew

500+ volunteers in 9 communities across 11 timezones

...enjoyed recognition

Monitorizare Vot won the award for Civic Behavior and Public Participation at the Romanian Civil Society Gala

We are now preparing version2.0 of the app which will be deployed internationally starting 2018

...made some new friends

meet Avocado <3

...built teams

by Victor Cosmaciuc

...and found a home

thanks @IQads !

We continued to build...

Incubated 14 projects

Prototyped a dozen others

and brought 19 products in the development phase

...we launched INLAR

...while 2 other civic apps are finished and awaiting launch.

Incognito: a platform that facilitates the transmission of sensitive information from anonymous sources to journalists, state institutions and NGOs in a simple, secure and effective way.

soon at romaniaincognito.ro

The SNA (Romania's National Anticorruption Strategy) Data Visualisation Portal: enabling access to SNA information and data sets in an easily parseable and explainable format.


But most importantly, we got better at what we do...

by creating a clear project flow

and clear role descriptions

and structuring and restructuring our way of working so that we can become as efficient as possible and offer volunteers and projects the support they need

We also launched our first community workshops

Code4Romania volunteers attended an UX fundamentals training and another one on IT security. More to come in 2018

We mentored...

and older
and had fun all along the way.

We talked


and convinced

all sorts of audiences

of the incredible power of civic tech.

This all while proudly...

putting Romania on the map of global civic tech
by taking part in global civic tech events all over the world
by being part of Code for All, the largest civic tech network worldwide
by building one of the top civic tech communities worldwide both in terms of numbers and output


...we have launched the first international co-creation projects...

...and in 2018 the Code for All Summit is coming to Romania

We are also full of great ideas for 2018

Come take a peek :)

We are launching Code4Romania Academy, with free workshops and trainings for NGOs and Journalists

And laying the foundations for Romania's Civic Hall, a collision and collaboration space where NGOs, public institutions, companies, researchers and journalists reside and work together to better tackle societal challenges

And don't forget,

if you love what we do

you can support us through donations to keep us going


Code for Romania

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