relationships by jace irwin

Scout learned alot from Atticus, like to keep her temper, and be nice to people even if there mean to her. Atticus told Scout when she fought with Walter that even though he got in trouble she was far to old to fight and it was childish. Atticus also told Scout that stand up for what she believes in, thats one of the main reasons he tried to do the Tom Robinson trial. Atticus also taught Scout that never judge someone unless you walk around in there skin.

Dolphus Raymond taught scout that pretty much that if you start off with a bad repentation then you cant change it. Thats why he carrys around a coke when almost every body in town thinks it beer. He taught scout about the maycomb city and how judge mental and its such a small town once you have a label it stays with you.

Although scout never really talked to tom, she learned alot from his situation and actions. Scout learned to never judge someone off of what other people say. Tom's cruel treatment by Mr. Gilmer and the jury has also taught Scout about the racial bias that exists in her environment. Scout also knows now that maycomb folks arent as good as what she thought and some will even lie and get a man killed to save there selfs.

another person who taught scout vaulable lesson was calpurnia. she taught Scout that she needed to know to grow and to try to understand the cruel world. She was not only the house keeper but also the substitiute mother in some cases. When Walter came over and Scout said a rude comment about him having to much surup, calpurnia said "Don't matter who they are, anybody sets foot in this house's yo' company, and don't you let me catch you remarkin' on their ways like you was so high and mighty!"

It is Miss Maudie Atkinson who first explains to Scout about Atticus's belief that it's a "sin to kill a mockingbird." Scout at the end relizes tom and boo are mocking birds. miss maudie is just a good influence to Scout she is a dependent woman. miss maudie also told Jem that Atticus may be to old but he can do alot more than Jem think and Scout took that into consideration.

My mom has taught me almost all the lessons I have been taught. My mom taught me that I cant get what ever I want, and I have to work for what I want and in the long run what I need. She also taught me to do not be scared to try new things. In sports I used to play baseball, football, and basketball. When I figured out I wasnt as talented as the other kids I tried some new sports like tennis, and swimming and diving which both I turned out to be really good at.

My brother Tyler taught me that never to get peer pressured into doing the "cool" thing. He told me that the popular kids are not always the succesful ones and the hardworking, and the ones who stand for whats right are. I might be popular but all the actions of mine come from me. Tyler also taught me to never give up from riding my bike, to hitting a baseball, to school he always said never give up.

My Aunt T taught me to not force relationships and to cherish all my friends. She taught me to not be a player and to always be nice to my favorite cousin Bailey. She also told me to keep going and never give up

grandma Judy has taught me to always have confidnece in what I do because anything is possible. She always has my back and boost my confidence. She also told me to always do good in school because in the long run.

my dad told me to always try and to never half but things even if they arent important. He also said that he will always be there and thats what family is about. My dad has said that if you never take chances you wont succeed


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