Mathias Svold & Ulrik Hasemann


Around 1.000 refugees and migrants sleep rough in abbandoned warehouses, train wagons and shacks behind the central station in Belgrade, Serbia. Heaps of garbage and feces pile up next to the blankets that have been their home for the last months. Almost all of them are boys and young men from conflict-torn parts of Afghanistan and Pakistan. To keep warm they make fires out of garbage and railway sleepers, and the toxic smoke can be smelled in streets of the city hundreds of meters from the train station, where life goes on unaffected.

The borders to Hungary and Croatia are closed so the refugees are stranded here at the doorstep of the EU. Some have tried to cross the border 20 times, but usually they are caught by the border police, beaten and sent back to Belgrade until next attempt. Meanwhile, the dream of Europe gradually fades away. Hungary is about to build a another fence and intensifies their border controls. Serbia has gone from being a transit country on the Balkan route to become a dead end, and Belgrade's railway station has become the terminus of the flight.


refugees are stranded along the Balkan route

refugees sleep rough on the streets of Belgrade

are children and travel alone

Jaweed, 16 år - Namatullah, 18 år - Naqqash, 23 år - Khan, 15 år - Ranullah, 15 år Muhammad, 20 år - Abdul, 30 år - Fayaz, 15 år - Dishil, 18 år - Galel, 20 år - Asif, 15 år Shahpoor, 13 år - Namatullah, 18 år - Asif, 17 år - Hamamir, 14 år


Mathias Svold & Ulrik Hasemann


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