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I really enjoyed my time at the Florida Museum of Natural History this weekend. I learned many new things and was impressed by the very interesting Animals that us humans didn't inhabit the planet with. As I saw the exhibits, there was much to think about, and I came away with a better understanding of certain animals and enlightenment on several topics related to the good life.

One exhibit on the museum that I found particularly appealing and interesting was the Terror Bird sculpture. I've never learned about the Terror Bird before and it was a shock to learn about this amazing creature that I never knew existed. It was also very interesting that upon first glance of the statue, I thought that Terror Birds were ugly small birds with tiny wings, but I learned that they were actually up to 10 foot tall monsters found in Florida and Texas. I enjoyed the entire area of skeletons of extinct animals such as giant sloths and prehistoric cats and the Terror Bird.

One exhibit that had to do with nature and ethics was a board explaining how the Calusa people of south Florida were killed and had their land stolen by Spanish invaders and other groups of natives. I never learned about the Calusa people and it was interesting to see how they survived the harsh Floridian environment. it was also sad that they were driven out and killed off largely by the Spanish invaders. Although most people today would agree that this was an ethical catastrophe, the people of the late 17th century were far less conscious of this. At that time, the popular idea was to be an adventurer and a conqueror of land and many empires destroyed other civilizations because of this.

The exhibit that showed the muscles and mollusks and such really made me appreciate how awesome nature is. It was a huge step out of the ordinary to imagine what it must be like for these creatures to live floating around in the ocean. The spiral shell looks like a man-made object. It's mind-blowing to think that we get so many shapes from things that really exist on Earth. This also made me think about the amount of amazing and diverse creatures on Earth. I wondered why there are animals that barely move and live in shells and drift around in the ocean. It was definitely an eye-opener and I enjoyed getting to see and learn about so many new things that were so very interesting and impressive.


All photos by Vance Orr

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