Are ghosts real? By: Liam

Are Ghosts Real?

You wake up in the middle of the night and look straight in front of you. A dark figure lurks in your room at the foot of your bed. You stare at it with blank eyes while it stares back at you. You try to scream but nothing escapes your mouth, not a single sound. An empty white noise is all you can make. You try to get up, run, but you can only move the tips of your toes, and the tips of your fingers. You want to die, you want to escape this terrible and utterly horrible experience, but you can’t. Even though an hour has passed, The figure hasn’t moved, and you haven’t either. Your eyelashes, finally flutter letting your eyes close. You have escaped the ghost but ghosts aren’t real, right? Do you believe in ghosts? Many do.

from Ghostbusters


Ghosts have been argued about for years. Some believe, some want to believe, and many just can’t. On October 29, 2005 CBS made a poll and the stats that they received are surprising. The first question that they asked was, do you believe in ghosts? 48% said yes, and 45% said no. It was seen that 56% of women believe in ghosts, and 38% of men believe in ghosts. From the polls it was said that ages 18 - 45 were more likely to believe in ghosts, while people older than that were less likely to believe. When they asked have you ever seen or felt the presence of a ghost 22% said yes and 77% said no. CBS says “The most religiously observant Americans are most likely to say there is an afterlife” This means that people who believe in religion, such as being Christian or Jew, believed in ghosts, while others who weren’t religious were less likely to believe. But really though, do you believe in ghosts? Another entity in your house, invisible to the eye. How could something you can’t see be taking over others’ consciousnesses. This is referred to as possession. Possession is when a ghost, or demon, take over one’s consciousness. There have been many people who have been “possessed”. One case of possession was when a man who, out of the blue, started acting strange, the wife thought he was having an affair. After that, they got divorced. Even after this though, he still acted strange. One night he brutally killed his wife and walked out onto the street proclaiming that the blood that had he was drenched in, was that of Satan’s. After that he was sentenced to a life in prison, and he has no recollection, memory, of the night.At the time this murder was one of England's most famous.


You are going out to work. You put your clothes on, slowly put on your socks, and make sure everything is clean before you leave. You get in your car when you notice your house door is open. You didn’t leave it open, of course, but maybe it just slid open at the last second. You get out of your car to close the door when you notice that inside your house everything had been thrown around. The vase containing the ashes of your grandmother has been shattered into a million pieces. No one could have gone into your house, rummaged through your things, and stolen them in the short amount of time you gave them. Well that's not true. Someone didn't go through your stuff, something did.

You might have experienced a poltergeist. A poltergeist is a ghost that makes physical contact such as, throwing around objects, loud bangs, or screams. A poltergeist would have been the one that threw around all of the items in your house. An example is a doll. If your doll moves its head or body without any forces acting on it that would normally move it, it’s probably possessed.

There have been many recorded cases of poltergeists acting on people. One instance of this was in South Shields. Two people named Marc and Marianne and their 3 year old son were unlucky enough to haunted by a poltergeist. One night the parents heard their baby crying so like any parent they went to put him to bed again. But what they saw that night wasn’t what they were expecting. Most of everything had been thrown against the floor . Also, a message had been written on the baby’s whiteboard and it was apparently a sign of the poltergeist trying to talk to the parents. Also, there was a text message from the ghost that couldn't be tracked to any phone

Ouija Board

Scientific Proof

Are there anyways to prove that ghosts are real? Are they all just made up legends? You’ve seen the movies where there is a ghost terrorizing a family or town, but has it ever been a right to say ghosts are real? Or are all the ghost communicators hoaxes? Well there is a lot of science against ghosts. Do you ever see a “shadow man” in the corner of your eye, and when you look there, it’s gone?

Well a group of scientists wanted to figure out why that was. If it was an actual ghost that you were seeing the scientists wouldn’t be to do anything. The group of scientists found out that when the brain was shocked their patient saw a “shadow person” following her every move, when she stood, it stood.

Another piece of science voting off the existence of ghosts is something called the Ideomotor effect. This effect is when we believe that something should happen we un involuntarily do it. An example is the ouija board. We think that the triangle should move so we involuntarily move it. If we ask the ghost on the ouija board, and we want it to say yes or we think it should say yes we move it without even knowing it! This leads us to believe that ghosts are real. Another instance is a floating table. We want the table to start floating because of a ghost’s presence but we’re the ones making it float. We do this without knowing so we really think that it’s a ghost’s doing.

One scientist, though, believes that there is a possibility ghosts are real. His name is Dr. Henry Stapp. Dr. Henry Stapp is a very respected quantum physician who believes that if the soul or consciousness can live after death then it wouldn’t be to hard for it to go into the physical world. Litverse says - "...Stapp believes that a person’s personality might be able to survive death and exist as a “mental entity.” Stapp theorizes if these entities could return to the physical world, then concepts like possession and channeling could really be possible."


So, there are many scientific facts opposing the realism of ghosts. But one scientist does think that ghosts can be real. This scientist is highly respected but his theory on ghosts is not openly accepted. Even though there are reported cases of poltergeists, they could just be hoaxes. So are ghosts real? That's up for you to decide. We as humans haven’t figured out any science that really shows that ghosts are real, we just have theories. Theories, that might not even be true. Right now we can’t be sure that ghosts are real with the lack of scientific proof. So don’t be too spooked at your next haunted house, but also don’t call for any ghosts to come to you, because they might actually be real, and they might chase you down. So next time it’s late at night on halloween you can think to yourself, are ghosts real?


Consciousness - a person’s mind or perception of something.

Involuntarily - something done without thought of the subject such as our heart beating.

Hoax - a deception meant with a humorous, malicious, or evil intent.

Possession - when a ghost takes over one’s consciousness.

Poltergeist - a ghost that interacts through the physical world such as loud bangs or items being thrown.

Ghost - A dead person that is believed to appear or to take over the living.



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