Who came to Singapore -and why- By Georgia Isles

Trading In Singapore

There were a lotĀ of settlers that came to Singapore. Some came for a better life and some came for safety. This Pie chart shows how many people there were from each country

This is a pie chart

There were 4,580 Malays that came to Singapore. They were Sultan Hussein's people. They came from the Rhio islands, Malacca and Sumatra.

There were 3,317 Chinese that came to Singapore. They were the largest group of migrants to come to Singapore. They came to Singapore because China was unsafe at that time and they wanted a better life. Many Chinese became rich shopkeepers.

There were 1,851 Indonesians. They were called the Bugis. The Bugis were wealthy traders. They came to Singapore when they left the Rhio island when the Dutch took control of them.

There were 756 Indians that came to Singapore. They were the second largest group of migrants that came to Singapore. They came as traders and labourers. The Indians that came with the British as soldiers were called sepoys.

East India Company

There were 74 Europeans that came to Singapore. Most of them came with the East India Company. Some were traders and owned businesses in Singapore.

There were 16 Armenians and 15 Arabs that came to Singapore. They were wealthy traders and some of the first merchants to come to Singapore from Europe and the Middle East.

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