Bringing Internet Safety and cyberbullying awareness to Bangor Area High School Louis Ortiz

Students have internet access wherever they go with smartphones.

What students post online can be seen forever, deleting it does not solve the issue. The problem is why the students wrote the comment in the first place.

At Bangor Area High School, I have seen cyberbullying first hand, and the teachers never addressed the issue.

Cyberbullying is a issue not talked about at Bangor Area High School by teachers, administrators, or principles.

Social Media...

Social Media is a huge culprit of a lot of issues with the internet and students social lives.

Anything said on the internet effects the hallways of the school directly.

The students need to be aware of what is said online... The internet safety class will educate students on good and safe communication skills online and on social media.

Cyberbullying can have long term effects on students emotional, mental, and social health.

Cyberbullying is issue in bangor area high school that needs attention, and the only way to solve it is proper education.

Bringing the issue directly to the students through a course will stop cyberbullying at bangor area high school and make the school community stronger.

The students are now able to use the information given by the class for the rest of their lives.

This class will prepare students to be safe, help others, and be a role models for others on social mediA. Students at BAngor Area High School will be leading the fight against cyberbullying.

Thank you - Louis Ortiz


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