My AGP Learning Journal Jaleh Sadravi

This is a my Adobe Gen Pro learning journal. Instead of posting my reflections on separate assignment posts within the course forums I will keep a fluid journal reflecting on each assignment, the content creation process, the creative process and most importantly on what I have learned.

Assignment One

For Class 1, the assignment was to create a short montage video sequence using still images based on a single colour.

Week 1: Variations of Pink

Reflections: This assignment was really fun to complete. I enjoy being able to be creative in my work. Most of the time when I am creating video, the subject matter is serious and there is little room for creativity. I chose the color pink and I wanted to pick different vibrant shades of the color. I found this images on the free website Unsplash. This website is great for finding high resolution photos that are provided for free from many different artists. This is a good assignment for people just learning how to use Adobe Premiere. Using still images makes them simple and you do not have to worry about using video and finding the right shots. This is also a good way to play around with duration and size of images. It is also a good introduction to creating titles.

Week 2: Bench Video Montage

Assignment two

Create video montage sequence based on found video content that follows a theme of your choice. Like assignment 1 this project should show an escalation of intensity. This escalation can be through shot type, shot length, subject matter, movement, sound or some combination of these elements. 20 seconds exactly. MP4 only.


This assignment was easy for me to edit. It took me less than 10 minutes to create the video. My biggest challenge was exporting the video! I spent almost an hour trying to export the video in HD. I have used Adobe Premiere Pro off and on for five years now but I could not remember how to export in HD. I finally watched a quick YouTube video about how to export and I figured it out in one minute. This was a reminder that when you come to a stumbling block, reach out and find help. It's good to troubleshoot but for the sake of saving my own time, I could have searched for a tutorial a lot sooner. I am taking this course to refresh my skills in Premiere and I am getting a lot of time to do that.

Assignment Three

Expert assignment: Create a video sequence utilising the shot reverse shot technique (and obeying the 180 degree line rule) to present a knock knock joke. Use your own video content. Alternatively create an interview. 30 seconds maximum.


How did you come up with your joke/interview? Where did you find inspiration?

Was it easy to come up with different shots? Were there any unique shots you chose for a specific purpose?

Did “the rules” factor into your decisions on shot choices? How so?

Did the principles of shot composition and film grammar play into your shot choices? How so?

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