Spaces of Gainesville Inclusive & exclusive areas

Barbed-wire fence used to divide a Section-8 neighborhood and a Trailer Park
Wooden fence inside the Trailer Park to prevent thru traffic
Other side of the Trailer Park's wooden fence with a "Future Thru Street" sign
No Trespassing sign - contradicting the "Future Thru Street" sign
Inside of the Section-8 neighborhood - poorly managed trash site and an example of the poorly constructed apartment buildings
Barricaded fence with barbed-wire inside the Section-8 neighborhood
Club house of the Cricket Club community
Other side of the barricaded fence - located inside the Cricket Club apartment complex
Courthouse and Bo Diddley Plaza - an inclusive area depicting two elderly women, two college students, both male and female, and what seems to be a homeless man taking a nap
Courthouse and Bo Diddley Plaza # 2
Created By
cody lykins

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