Is forgiveness necessary? Is forgiveness only for those who deserve forgiveness? J'layah Porcher

I personally believe that forgiveness is necessary, and forgiveness is not only for those who deserve it, but for everyone at some point. I feel this way because, i believe there is no need to have a little grudge over someone, life is too short to be honest, and with forgiveness comes a little bit of love and everyone needs that. Being angry with someone or like having a grudge, there is no need for any of that because at the end of the day ya'll will need each other in the end for a long period of time. For example: say if I told Mary that Kate was going behind her back to plan a little prank. Mary got mad and Kate thought that it was funny and said " hahaha we got you, we got you" but then Mary gets mad and says "Kate you was behind all this? and starts to get mad at her and not claim her as her best friend again. In the end Mary forgives her because she realized that Kate didn't know it was that serious and was just trying to have a little fun. They low-key needed each other and they were very sad when they weren't together so now they are happy because they know that they are once again friends again and that they realized that they love each other. That is an example of forgiveness. Mary forgave Kate from what she has done.


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