Ukraine By: Nancy and Joshua

This is a picture of Ukraine.

There are 3 IB schools in Ukraine they are British International School, Kiev, and Pechersk School International. So where ever you go in Ukraine you can have an IB school near you.

One of the schools in Ukraine

The Ukrainian architecture has roots in the Eastern Slavic state of Kievan Rus. It also has Galicia- Volhynia, Grand dutch, and Ruthenia roots. Compared to colonial Williams-burg Ukrainian architecture has more of a Gothic touch but they both have a use of pillars.

Ukraine architecture

The Ukrainian culture is shared with Russia, Poland, Belarus, and central Asia. Their religious customs are influenced by the Eastern Orthodox Church and traditions of Slavic Mythology. Their traditional dance is referred to as Ukrainian Folk-Stage Dance. One custom of Ukraine is that when you enter someone's house you take of your shoes and the house owner provides you with slippers. The most popular cartoon is "There Once Was A Dog". In Orthodox churches women can wear scarves and hats but men should take off their hats.

Ukrainian food has a lot of pastas, soups, vegetables, meat, and fish. Popular dishes are borshch, kholodets, ryazhenka, and pasta.

The weather in Ukraine has strong winds. The warmest month is July and the precipitation is about 400-600 mm. The best time to visit Ukraine is May and September, days are warm and nights are cold just like Virginia and it rains most of spring.

Ukrainian music has rock, pop, Ukrainian folk, alternative and black metal. Most songs sound like our songs in American.

Ukrainian art has lots of color some famous artists is Kazimir Malevich, Ivan Aivazovsky, and Maria Prymachenko.

By: Kazimir Malevich

Interesting Facts: Ukraine shared land borders with 7 countries. The capital of Ukraine is Keiv. If you shake hands or give things across the threshold of a door it is considered bad luck.


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