Energy in Collisions By: ashley yan

Types of Energy

An archer about to shoot his arrow.

Potential energy is energy that is stored up.The picture of the archer shows potential energy, because the archer is pulling back the arrow which transfers some of the energy from him to the arrow. Now the arrow has stored up energy which can be released.

Kinetic energy.

This picture could be transferred to kinetic energy because kinetic energy is energy that has been released. When the archer releases the arrow, the potential energy is turned into kinetic energy because he has released the energy he has stored up in the arrow.

Energy in Collisions

A water collision.

Energy in collisions could be very different depending on how the energy is released. If there is a lot of energy, some of the energy could be transferred to sound and heat energy. When an object is higher the impact will be harder. When the object is lower, the impact is smaller. When the energy is too strong, the object will crash. For example, when you have these marbles, they hit each other, and the energy transfers into the next marble.


Flipped car.

Weight can change things in collisions. If the object is to heavy and it collides, the object will flip over. Also, if there is more weight, it will go faster. If there is more weight, there is more energy, which means it has a bigger impact. I learned that if the weight is on the top of the car it might tip over, if there is more weight on the bottom of the car, it most likely won't tip over. And, the more weight it has the more the energy is transferred.

My Vehicle

Our car.

Our class had to design a car which could protect an egg in a car crash. We designed a bumper to reduce the impact of the crash. We also created a little safety protection around the center to protect the egg. And, we added the tops to the seat so the egg couldn't fall out. We tried to add very little weight on the top so it wouldn't flip over. And our plan was successful .


Our egg

Our class tested each car with an egg. Mrs. Gahl neatly placed our egg in the car and it hit the wall. Our egg was left undamaged. Our bumper had worked. And, the egg did not fall out. Also, the egg did not bounce back and forth. Our plan had worked.


A good idea

I think that we could definitely make improvements! I am thinking of making a bigger seat for the egg so that it won't go toppling.I also think it will be a good idea to have less weight so there is a less chance of it falling over.

Hope you Enjoyed my Presentation!


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