What is good food? Good food makes you say "Mmm this is good"

Fresh produce from local farms, produce stands, or home grown are normally better than store bought. You can always ask how it was grown, if it is gmo free, and what pesticides were used.
Fresh salsa is awesome, if you have ever been to an authentic Mexican restaurant you have tasted it, much better than processed, store bought salsa.
Lots of fat and salt can make food taste good but not good for you. Homemade and fresh alternatives can taste better as well.
Good food can be different for everyone. It can be organic, Good tasting, or Greasy. What matters is what you think.
Food is important for survival, so why not enjoy it? Pick what you like, some foods can be made so others can have it how they want it as well, like pasta. You can have it plain, with sauce, or with cheese,
Food from different cultures can bring in completely different flavor pallets and nutrients. Food just being cooked in a different way can make a huge difference.
Baked foods are great, the unending in variety makes baking unique, you are only limited to the dish size.
Keeping a mix of meats, veggies, and fruits will be good for your health. It can also bring a huge boost in the flavor.
You can take something sweet and make it into a great side or whole meal. Your imagination can change everything so don't suppress it.


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