The 2017 Homecoming rally was held on Thursday November 2 in the gym. Competitions were held and skits were performed by each grade then judged by a panel to determine a winner. Spirits were high as students performed themed elaborate dances and stunts during their skits. The freshman class performed a 'Wild West' themed dance, the sophomores put on an arctic themed skit, the junior class dressed out for their beach theme, and the seniors got in the spirit of the jungle for their performance. After the flag waving competition resulted in a four-way-tie, the seniors were happy to take the win for their elaborate skit. Homecoming Royalty were presented and the Special Education department showed off their Halloween costumes for the crowd. Led by physical education teacher Mike Dibley, who emphasized the theme of unity throughout his oration, the rally was a highpoint during Homecoming Week that lifted the spirits of both students and faculty.

Junior Harry Hetrick waves the Class of 2019 flag.
Students stand for the National Anthem.
The Redwood Choir performed the National Anthem for the first time in front of the student body.
Senior ASB President and Homecoming Royalty nominee Eamon Rogan participates in rally activities.
Physical education teacher Mike Dibley leads the rally.
Junior Taylor Leslie runs with the class of 2019 flag during the flag competition.
Senior Garret Straschnov waves the class of 2018 flag.
Students watch the flag competition from the bleachers.
Seniors cheer on their classmates during the flag competition
Senior boys 'boo' after the flag competition results in a four-way tie.
The varsity cheer team performs stunts during the rally.
The cheer team performs their dance routine.
Varsity cheerleaders perform stunts for the student body.
Varsity cheerleaders smile to the crowd as they stunt.
The freshman class performs their 'Wild West' themed skit.
Freshman Ben Cohen saunters up to a hay bale during the freshman skit.
The Special Education department held a costume contest with students and teachers dressing as emojis.
The sophomore class performs their skit.
Sophomores Nava Kohn and Lili Gibson dance in the sophomore skit.
Homecoming Royalty nominees Jack Green and Devon Cusack are presented to the crowd
Homecoming Royalty nominees Ryan Brady and Violet Loo walk out onto the court together.
Junior girls perform their skit.
Juniors Nina Cinelli and Robbie Wilson skate on the basketball court during the skit.
Juniors perform acrobatics during their skit.
Vice Principal Saum Zargar looks as if he's putting a stop to the junior skit, before promptly breaking into dance.
Judges score the junior skit, which scored 16 points.
Seniors simulate a plane going down during their 'jungle' themed performance.
Seniors performed stunts in animal onesies during their skit.
Seniors Clark Chung and Jake Hanssen, both Homecoming Royalty nominees, participate in the senior skit.
Seniors Ali Janku and Devon Cusack finished out the senior skit together.

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