Sao Paulo Brazil

Sao Paulo is a beautiful city close to the coast of Brazil. With a higher population and a higher income to match, Sao Paulo is ideal for ticket sales. While there is a slight risk of violence, it is generally a much safer and more stable environment than nearby Rio de Janeiro, which is suffering from intense violence in the favelas. Sao Paulo has highly ranked airports and high capacity stadiums, unlike Havana Cuba with limited airports and no great stadiums. Sao Paulo has a medium elevation, moderate temperature ranges, and very limited risks for hurricanes and earthquakes. In Lima, Peru, there is a higher risk for earthquakes, being along the ring of fire. Sao Paulo has incredible tourism opportunities and unique infrastructure for visiting World Cup fans. Although Mexico City has many tourist attractions as well, Sao Paulo doesn't suffer from all the smog and pollution that taints the streets of Mexico City. Sao Paulo is a great choice for the World Cup in almost every way.

High capacity soccer/futbol stadiums
Unique Infrastructure
Beautiful City


Created with images by Diego3336 - "[2006] Sao Paulo Skyline" • Esporte Clube Pelotas - "Pelotas 1 x 1 São Paulo-RG" • Pedro Ponchio - "São Paulo" • fgmsp - "mar forest mato"

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