A Steller Spark Tale By: Kynan & Isaiah

The Worker Who Cared

By: Kynan and Isaiah

Once upon a time in a forest far far away, the animals liked to play, until one very tragic day…

People moved into the forest, destroying the animals homes, leaving the animals with nowhere to go. Many trees were missing, many holes were dug, and all the animals were stranded, even the slug. What was happening was called deforestation and the extraction of fossil fuels, these processes were bad, and their effects were too.

One worker noticed, and he really did care. He felt the animals sadness, anger and despair. They no longer had habitats and their water was gone as well. Global warming was occurring and you could tell. What was to happen with the forest of fun? Would the fun of the animals come completely undone?

That one worker who cared was willing to take action, he wouldn't just stand by with a sad reaction. He decided to tell his co-workers, and they replied back “Friend, let's go and stop this attack!”

His fellow friends noticed the effects and were shocked as well, but the boss didn’t know; someone had to go tell.

The worker went to the boss with his frustration, but the boss said no, and that was his final dictation. He ignored their pleas for the sake of his work. In the end, the workers and the animals were hurt.

The very next day, everyone went to the boss, they told him what is happening and that he’s at a loss. The business was quiet because their charcoal was through. The building was losing power and the boss was too…

Once upon a time, in a forest far far away, the animals were playing, even on that very happy day! The new boss was the worker, the one who was there, the one who was brave enough to show stewardship and simply care.

The brand new boss had planted more trees, finally the animals had more habitats and lots of glee. Even though the temperature was still very hot, the animals adapted, they were no longer distraught.

The boss made a special request to his friends, “Please walk to work, that’s what I would recommend.” He went further and said to his friends that they would no longer use fossil fuels, but renewable energy instead and that's the new rule.

In this forest far far away, where the animals played through night and day, everyone was happy and business was booming and the animals environment was finally blooming.

The End.

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