Foxconn Group members: ⭐️Shirley ⭐️Dee Dee ⭐️Cynthia ⭐️Pijus⭐️Ivy

Q1. The salary level in Foxconn is very low . Workers need to work very long hours in repetitive and monotonous jobs to make enough money to live . Before the report of the suicides in Foxconn , most workers are forced to work overtime .

Q2:Discuss the extent to which having🕸 a. a Works Council 🕸b. a Trade Union might improve workplace relations.

Q3: 🌟Trade Union:group of workers organized together in order to bargain with management about terms and conditions of employments.🌟 Foxconn Federation of Trade Unions lack of autonomy
Q4 . By the pressure of public opinion to force companies to improve the working environment.
. Q5 . a . Protect workers ' rights : provide support for employees who feel their rights have been violated . Ensuring that employers operate within the scope of employment and labor law . b . Set clear expectations on company perks and benefits

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