abc's of africa by lily simpson

a- Africa-Second largest continent behind Europe

Africa was once part of Pangaea

b - Berber - They call themselves " amazing tamazight " which means " free men" or " noble people"

Their tribe stretched from Egypt to the east to the countries or shale to the west

c- cocoa - The cocoa bean is grown in Africa

the making is done by hand

d - desert African desert were once home to dinosaurs

Sarah is the largest desert in africa

e - Ebola virus outback that involves high/severer temperatures and internal bleeding

outbreak in western Africa

f - France over 120 million people speak french in Africa

1/3 of people is their language

g- grace machel only women to separate countries Mozambique and south africa

She was born in Portugal

humans - skeleton of pre-humans have been found that date back to 4-5 million years ago

they are called ausreaphils rambis

i - islam been in africa for over 1500 years

islam is the second largest /growing religion

j - jade gemstone

found and mined in Africa

k - kalenjins most of the fastest runners come from here

4.9 individuals are in this tribe in kenya

l - literature only 4 in 10 people can read

many of their schools don't teach all languages


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